Open frame cart699 x 688 x 1710mm

CODE: CRT-150-OP-1

Open frame cart

Open frame cart - 10 baskets, Also available in 20 and 30 baskets (2 and 3 bays)

High density racking cart with bumper which incorporates frame, plastic rails and interchangeable baskets.

Ability to add on up to 3 bays to fit storage area. Ideal for catheter lab, operating theatre storage, small consumable storage in hospitals, day surgeries or other healthcare facilities

The open frame carts are ideal for transporting between hospital departments and the central warehouse.


Product Code Description Dimensions (DxWxH) Standard basket configuration*
CRT-150-OP-1 Open frame cart - single 690 x 700 x 1710mm 9 x 10cm (horizontal),
1 x 20cm (horizontal)
CRT-150-OP-2 Open frame cart - double 1130 x 700 x 1710mm 18 x 10cm (horizontal),
2 x 20cm (horizontal)
CRT-150-OP-3 Open frame cart - triple 1570 x 700 x 1710mm 27 x 10cm (horizontal),
3 x 20cm (horizontal)

* Suggested baskets for each cart, this number can be customised to suit storage requirements


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