Catheter storage cabinet


Catheter storage cabinet

Catheter storage cabinet/procedure room storage cabinet - U or E type

Manufactured in high quality aluminium structure and HPL side panels. Incorporates side panels to insert and display modular trays/baskets, catheter shelf and retractable catheter holders/hooks. Retractable catheter hooks can be pulled out to access or stock catheters when required.

Can be installed with glass door with handle or available with electronic lock which can be controlled access using RFID / magnetic card. If set up with electronic lock, user logs are available on remote desktop.

Image shows the following configuration per bay:
1 x 20cm basket (total 4)
3 x retractable catheter hooks on catheter shelf (total 12)
1 x 20cm tray (total 4)
1 x melamine shelf (total 4)
Any module configuration is available to suit stored items

Specification for single cabinet bays - multiple bays can be added to fit storage area

Product Code Style Dimensions (DxWxH) Standard configuration*
CAB-6.0U-GD-U Catheter storage cabinet - U style, glass door 668 x 492 x 1960mm 2 x 20cm basket, 2 x shelves,
3 x retractable catheter hooks
CAB-6.0U-GD-E Catheter storage cabinet - E style, glass door 468 x 692 x 1960mm 2 x 20cm basket, 2 x shelves,
5 x retractable catheter hooks

* Suggested baskets and catheter hooks for each cart, this number can be customised to suit storage requirements


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