Cabinet - standard600x400mm


Cabinet - standard

Cabinet standard - available in E or U configurations with single or multiple bays

Ability to have open/no door, or hide stock/goods behind rolling tambour doors, hinged solid doors or glass doors.

Ideal for redevelopments or new hospitals where cabinets can be incorporated into the overall design. Can also be incorporated into existing cabinets - we can affix side panels and provide baskets to cabinets that already meet the ISO standard sizing (600x400mm). Multiple bays can be added on for multiple cabinets side-by-side.

Side panels attach to the sides which enable the modules to be placed at various intervals. Modules can be retracted and displayed either angled or horizontal.

Can be used for any hospital department, pharmacy, laboratories, CSSD, theatre storage, medication storage and many other healthcare facilities

Specification for single cabinet bays - multiple bays can be added to fit storage area

Product Code Style Dimensions (DxWxH) Standard basket configuration*
CAB-TALL-U-ND Standard cabinet - U style, no door 690 x 450 x 2100mm 6 x 10cm, 1 x 20cm
CAB-TALL-U Standard cabinet - U style, door 710 x 450 x 2100mm 6 x 10cm, 1 x 20cm
CAB-TALL-E-ND Standard cabinet - E style, no door 490 x 650 x 2100mm 6 x 10cm, 1 x 20cm
CAB-TALL-E Standard cabinet - E style, door 510 x 650 x 2100mm 6 x 10cm, 1 x 20cm

* Suggested baskets for each bay, this number can be customised to suit storage requirements. Size may vary on carts with tambour doors



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